Clyde Derrick presents Virtual Fight League: There no other league like it. You can stop the Arguments, End the Debates, we'll settle everything. NO rules, No gear, No excuses. Competitors from all over the world competing to be champion of the Virtual Fight League.
Virtual Fight League
Two competitors fight head to head via zoom.
3 judges decide who won each round.
2 out of 3 rounds wins the fight.

Old Man on the Mountain

Fight Night 03
The Beast

Sifu Clyde Derrick
winner >>>
Chancey Boone
Style: Wing Chun/Bagua
Style: Boxing/Kickboxing
Record: 0 wins 2 losses
August 8
Record: 2 wins 0 loss

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Comedian Tony Jones
Winner >>>
Comedian Demetrius Watts
Style: Verbal Combat
Style: Verbal Combat
Record: 0wins 1 loss
Record: 1 wins 1 loss

A.K.A. Spider

A.K.A. The Chef

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Virtual Fight League

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